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Behavioral Awareness & Assessment

EIQ & D.I.S.C.

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Service Description

Behavioral Awareness & Assessment using Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) and the DiSC Personality Assessment aligns with a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and interaction. This approach can be seen in congruence understanding oneself and others to promote positive relationships and personal growth. Here's a detailed description: Behavioral Awareness & Assessment using EIQ & D.I.S.C.: Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ): Understanding Emotions: This involves recognizing and understanding one's own emotions and the emotions of others. Managing Emotions: Guided by principles of self-control, this aspect helps individuals manage emotions effectively, leading to more balanced decision-making and interpersonal relationships. Social Skills: Developing skills to communicate and interact harmoniously with others aligns with the principle of peaceful living. Personal Development: Fostering personal growth, resilience, and a positive outlook aligns with perseverance and hope. D.I.S.C. Personality Assessment: Dominance (D): This trait focuses on how a person approaches problems and challenges. By understanding this, leaders can foster an environment that encourages courage without arrogance, reflecting principles of humility. Influence (I): Understanding how a person influences others can lead to more effective communication and collaboration, resonating with teachings on kindness and encouragement. Steadiness (S): Recognizing the pace at which a person approaches tasks and change can lead to patient guidance and support, reflecting the biblical virtue of patience. Conscientiousness (C): This trait emphasizes precision and quality, aligning with the call to excellence in work and integrity. Applications and Benefits: Behavioral Awareness & Assessment using EIQ & D.I.S.C. is not just a tool for personal and professional development. It also serves the greater good by: Enhancing interpersonal relationships in family, community, and workplace settings. Promoting self-awareness and personal growth, reflecting a life of wisdom and understanding. Encouraging a collaborative and compassionate work culture, aligned with principles of love and unity. In the context of Human Services Counseling, this approach is integral in developing an in-depth understanding of individual behaviors and personality traits.

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